Darryl James Pauls - Jun 13, 2020 at Undisclosed

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ABOUT DARRYL Darryl started his obituary and requested we not change it. He had hoped to read it himself.

I was born July 6, 1961. My parents are Irwin and Irene Pauls. I only have one sibling, he is my brother Rob. If any of you know me, I quite often refer to him as my favourite brother, sometimes right in front of him as well.

We were a typical family, my mom stayed home from work until I went to school then she returned to the work force. My grandfather on my mom’s side started a business back in 1936. So, after I had started at school, every day off and summer holiday Rob and I spent it at Klassen Brothers which was located at 425 Edison Ave where the 10-story apartment is built and still stands today. My dad started to work at Klassen’s back in 1968 and has got more and more involved as time went on, where at age 86 he is still there 40 hours a week.

All 4 of my grandparents came from the German Russian Mennonite background and moved to Manitoba in the 1920’s.

I have a picture of myself when I was 6 months old with my first bear, more about Bear later. In 1966 I graduated kindergarten. By the time I was 9 years old I spent any time away from school at Klassen Brothers with the rest of my family. The summer I turned 9 we had a Klassen family lunch and supper at Grand Beach. For those of you that are old enough to remember at that time there was a channel from the lagoon to Lake Winnipeg. At this time there were many people that died in the channel every year as there was no foot bridge across the channel. For me this was a very scary day. All the adults were in front of me, I was last since the current was so strong and I was so small. When I became buoyant the current just took me. I started to scream and Johnny, my moms brother picked me up by the hair and said to Irene, take care of your son. That winter I took swimming lessons every Wednesday which lasted for years because I loved the water.

This was a far as Darryl got as his journey progressed

Growing up Darryl had many friends and was always a great addition to a party. He looked forward to getting his motorcycle out in summer and taking a drive to Lock Port and sometimes further. He loved family gatherings and catching up with the latest family news. He often talked about his grandparents and the special times with them; his grandparents bringing soup and buns over on Saturday evening, enjoying a meal of KFC with Dairy Queen ice cream for dessert with the extended family, spending Sunday on the family farm, playing on Kildonan Drive with his cousins.

He loved Beatrice or Bear as he called her. They were married September 17, 1999. A date he always remembered and she, at times, forgot. He would come home from work and tell her stories about his day and be annoyed when she interrupted with a question because it was all about the story. His best time of day to talk was 10 in the evening or on the way to the cottage. His love for her was also very practical. The week after his diagnosis he made phone calls to be sure all the paperwork was in place so she would have no problems after his death. There is always a paper trail on anything he did and the banking was done to the penny. He was not adventurous in his travels but joined Beatrice on a number of world trips in her work on the Multiply mission board. The only good vacations for Dare were ones that involved a beach. His most memorable vacation was with good friends Chester (Evert) and Connie to Bora Bora where he played in the turquoise water for hours. He enjoyed both Kaua’i, Hawaii and Mexico for a winter vacation and in Mexico helped the resort staff organize water basketball every afternoon. Speaking of basketball, he was very committed to his basketball buddies every Wednesday evening and to March Madness. Bear was not allowed to plan anything during these times.

He bought his first house in 1985 on Rothesay and designed and built his current house on Middlehurst in 1991. He loved to be working in the garage on a project and chat with any of any neighbours who was outside. He also made sure we had our annual neighbour dinner with Prime Rib cooked in his barrel for 8 hours. He loved meat…and Five Guys.

He worked as a residential electrician for many years with Gamble Electric then in 1998 he went to work at Particle Board Plant as an Industrial Electrician. He called this the country club because he enjoyed the work, growing in his understanding of the industrial electrical field and the lifelong friends he made. In 2010 Darryl started Rescue Electric and for 7 years he loved being his own boss and took pride in providing excellent service. Darryl was very organized, very good at solving technical problems and had good people skills which his customers sought out and valued. The project Darryl was most proud of was managing the complicated General Scrap job. In 2017 he realized that owning a business was taking time away from family and friends and he decided to join his father in the family business, Klassen Manufacturing. He was very excited to be a part of this company that was started by his grandfather.

For the last 13 summers Dare has spent every weekend from May through September at the cottage and in the water as much as possible. For those who invited him to weddings in summer it took some persuasion/coercion to get him to the weddings. He had many cottage projects that were all getting completed and he was looking forward to more time to relax although we are sure he would always find more projects over the years.