Berg, Gary and Tammy - Sep 14, 2017 at Winkler Mennonite Church

On Friday September 8, 2017, husband and wife, Gary (54) and Tammy Berg (53), passed away as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

Gary was born in Winkler to Bill and Leona Berg on July 10, 1963. He grew up in Winkler, Manitoba, spending the majority of his childhood at the same house on 4th street. He attended school at Winkler Elementary School and Garden Valley Collegiate.

Tammy was born in Winkler to John and Mary (Yvonne) Trinke on September 27, 1963. She spent her childhood first briefly in Winkler, followed by Winnipeg and Tyndale, Manitoba, before returning to Winkler just before Tammy started high school, much to her chagrin at the time. Her annoyance soon subsided, as it was in the halls of Garden Valley Collegiate where she met Gary, and, on December 8, 1984, they were married in the Winkler Bergthaler Mennonite Church. From this day onward, Gary and Tammy were inseparable, found doing nearly all activities together; partners, in every sense of the term.

A defining characteristic of both Gary and Tammy was their loyalty. Prior to their marriage, Gary began working at D.A. Loewen Electric as an electrician, and eventually purchased the business together with his brother (Darrel) in 2006. Tammy was similar, working as a health records technician at Boundary Trails hospital for the majority of her adult life, until launching her new career as an educator with Red River College and McMaster University in recent years.

Gary and Tammy were unwavering in their love for their three sons - Kyle (29), Eric (27), and Sean (24). Raising three high-energy boys was not a task for the timid, and their love for them was evident to anyone. In between managing five busy schedules, putting in long hours at work, and miraculously finding enough food to feed everyone, Gary and Tammy still found time to talk with each of their sons, help them navigate problems, and answer their endless questions along the way. The family went on many trips, which largely centered around camping, hiking, and any other combination of physical activity. Whether they were racing to the top of a mountain, or pedaling to a distant lake, the family was happiest when they were outside and moving.

In 2016, Gary and Tammy realized their dream of building a cabin in the Riding Mountain National Park area of Manitoba. Nearly 33 years since their wedding, their love for each other was just as evident as they dreamed, planned, and crafted their home away from home. The care and commitment they put into their cabin is a microcosm of the way they lived - unending integrity, perseverance, integrity, and love.