Dale Warkentin Retirement Celebration - Dec 1, 2012 at Friends Community Church

Party Time: Dale Retired!
36 Years in Ministry (1976 - 2012)

This is the short version - a longer version will come later (maybe).

Marge Warkentin (Dale's wife) opens the celebration with her perspective on Dale's ministry.

Dave Koop, our MC, brought down the house with laughter (sadly we had to cut out his humor and story-telling in this shorter version).

Paul Krahn sang 5 songs that he felt connected to Dale's life and this celebration event.

Dale told his story through the eyes of his father, Ben Warkentin.

Jedidiah & Deana Carpentier, through a humorous factitious story and four Bob Dylan songs, told about Dale & Marge's life.

Dale encourages you to invite a friend who knows him, Marge, or family to enjoy this video of Dale's Retirement Celebration . . .